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Important Workshop Policy:

Participation in this workshop requires a non-refundable deposit of $1000. Submitting your deposit signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions, forming a binding contract between you and Blandino Inc. The remaining course fee of $5100 is due 45 days before the workshop begins, bringing the total cost to $6100.

Please carefully review the complete workshop terms and policies outlined here. For further confirmation, you will receive a separate PDF document via email containing the agreement for electronic signature. This document reiterates the terms detailed here.


Smoking is strictly prohibited within the villa, studio, guest rooms, and surrounding grounds.

Workshop Duration and Schedule:

The workshop itself will span a full week, with additional partial days allocated for arrival and departure. This means participants will arrive on the pre-course partial day with a 5 pm check-in time. The workshop program will then commence and run for the full week, concluding on the departure day with a 10 am check-out.


For your convenience, transportation is included in the workshop fee. We will provide a driver to pick you up from either Lucca train station or Pisa Airport upon your arrival and take you directly to the villa. On the departure day, the driver will transport you back to your chosen location – either the train station or the airport.



Wine Service:

Exquisite wines will be generously served at aperitif and dinner times, adding an elegant touch to your experience. Please note that while we encourage moderate wine consumption as part of the Italian dining culture, excessive drinking at the villa or during the course is strictly prohibited due to safety concerns.


All rooms are configured for double occupancy, meaning you'll share with another friendly participant. This offers a chance to connect with someone new, or feel free to invite a friend to join you as your roommate!

Limitations of Liability:

Disclaimer and Participant Responsibilities

Blandino Inc. expressly excludes liability for any loss, damage, or injury incurred by workshop participants during their stay at Casa Berti, including but not limited to:

  • Accidents or incidents arising from:

    • Defects in the structure of the property, plumbing, electrical systems, gas, or water.

    • Failures in the supply of utilities for either the studio facilities or housing.

  • Any loss or damage to the villa, its contents, or the surrounding grounds caused by participants, including but not limited to:

    • Broken or damaged furniture or fixtures.

    • Spills or stains on carpets or furniture.

    • Damage to artwork or other decorative items.

Participants are responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement for any damaged items incurred due to their actions. These costs will be billed directly to the participant by the villa owner. Blandino Inc. is not responsible for handling any financial disputes between participants and the villa owner regarding property damage.

Refunds and Unforeseen Circumstances

Please note that refunds are not available in the event the course is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, such as:

  • Risks of war or threat of war

  • Riots or civil unrest

  • Industrial disputes

  • Terrorist activity

  • Natural disasters, fires, or adverse weather conditions

  • Similar unforeseen events

This policy applies to all participants regardless of individual circumstances.


Liability Waiver: Blandino Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage you may incur during your course, including personal injury, equipment loss, loss of belongings, or any other event related to accident, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.


Cancellation Policy:

Due to early payments securing the villa, chef, and transportation, down payments and course fees are non-refundable after 45 days prior to the workshop start date.

Refunds are only possible in the event of new travel restrictions imposed by Italy that prevent workshop attendance. Filling all seven workshop places is crucial to covering the costs of Casa Berti accommodations.

If you need to cancel, kindly try to find a replacement for your spot to receive a refund. Otherwise, unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund. However, you can apply the paid fee towards a future Italy workshop at your convenience.

We strongly encourage securing travel and health insurance as soon as you sign up for this workshop. It's an affordable way to safeguard yourself against unexpected events that might force you to cancel your participation. This peace of mind will let you focus fully on enjoying the experience!


It is the sole responsibility of participants to obtain the travel documents (passports, visas, etc.) necessary to attend this workshop.

Registration Deadline and Cancellation Notification Deadline – The full balance of the course fee of $5100 is due 45 days prior to commencement of the workshop. The total course fee is $6100. Please familiarize yourself with all the terms and policies about the course which are listed here

Participants are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and without disruption during the workshops and in the housing. Casa Berti and Blandino Inc. reserve the right to remove any participant who violates these expectations, without a refund.

COVID-19 Protocols:

Please note that as of May 2022, neither Italy nor Casa Berti require COVID-19 vaccination or mask-wearing. While participation is completely at your discretion, Casa Berti and Blandino Inc. take no responsibility for any COVID-19 infection you may contract.

Should you test positive for COVID-19 during your stay, we strongly recommend immediate quarantine in your room until further instructions are provided to minimize the risk of transmission to others.

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