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Make it your Mission

What are you going to wait for?

You may be a little afraid to take that initial step toward your development as an artist because you've been contemplating and Procrastinating. Since you were a child, you wanted to create. You have put things on hold for a variety of reasons. Time passes by without ever exploring the painter within you, as your list of why you shouldn't grow longer and longer.

What do you think that looks like in your life? What would happen if you picked up a brush and started painting?

Wouldn't you be curious to see what your paintings look like, and how the action of painting might change your life??

I do not approach my workshops with a fixed idea or curriculum in mind. Wherever you are in your experience, I will meet you there. I will welcome you in regardless of whether you've painted before or are a beginner. The only requirement is that you want to explore your artistic talents. It's your world, your intentions, and your approach. I'm here to help and guide you through the process of learning more about yourself.


My workshops are intended to be challenging and to offer you the chance to get in touch with your inner expression. My role is that of a guide, not a teacher. I don't teach you how to be an artist. I will show you the way to know and accept that you have always been one.


Carmelo Blandino

An innovative painter, Blandino’s art has the ability to both capture attention and distract it. In his words, it is a “flowering of consciousness”, an opportunity for the viewer to see on canvas what they feel in their most intimate, joyous, and creative moments. Within the private world of his flowers, one can understand the universe and its expanse. There is love in each line, laughter in each color, and a sense of finally coming home.
Blandino offers his flowers not as mere ornamentation of little consequence but as a focus for the meditative experience, for that is at the root of his work and thus the greatest gift he can bestow upon those who view his canvases.

A small gallery selection of works meant to inspire.

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