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Meet Carmelo Blandino

A Painter's Take On The Life Of An Artist

The art form of painting has been around for hundreds of years. To be a successful painter, you need to understand color theory, composition, and perspective. You have to know how to reproduce the images in your head on a canvas. The idea of becoming a successful painter is more than that. It is determined by perseverance to overcome your doubts, not physical abilities alone. In order to become an artist painter, one needs to be born with a natural talent. This could not be further away from the truth. Courage is required to succeed as a painter. You have to be willing to face the challenges head-on and overcome them.   Courage is a quality that I have kept throughout.  It gave me the ability to remain fearless as an artist even though I was told early on that it would be difficult and that I wouldn't make it. That term can be used to apply to any other career just as easily. The real dilemma isn't whether you succeed or not, but what is your definition of making it?   Over time, as I gained more experience, I realized that what was holding me back in my evolution as an artist were the fearful thoughts and words that I kept repeating to myself. In my heart, I held the courage to be fearless, but in my mind, there was some fear, wrapped in a shape-changing facade, taunting me daily. It presented itself in different ways in different contexts. Sometimes it was procrastination, other times it was anxiety, ignorance, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, and on and on it goes. It was a startling revelation. I was prevented from enjoying the joy of painting because of the fear of failure.   Repetition and muscle memory can be used to teach skills, but relinquishing fear is difficult and the journey towards mastering it is even more difficult. Sometimes you need someone's assistance to get through that passage.   My story is a tale because I never believed in doubters and always told myself that there has to be someone that is an artist in this world and a great one. Yes, that's correct! We're master artists, and we're good at it. If you are ready to embrace your inner courage and achieve success, let's begin now.

 29- Nocturnes NO.4 48x48 2020 acrylic on canvas sku 10347 .jpg




Create without fear.


Elevate your art with Carmelo Blandino's expert guidance!

Unleash your inner

Begin your artistic journey, and just paint!

grow into your practice!

Engage yourself in a safe space to create!

Feel confident about your skills, Carmelo meets you at your level and helps you reach the next stage!

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"Great class... learned so much about composition... researched materials... there was something spiritual about whole class as we painted from our heart and we were in the moment."

Bonnie N.

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